Blaqq Productions is looking to produce 3 short films.

All film Genres are welcome!

We are a small production company so all of our film budgets will go to producing the shorts so we are not paying writers but you will receive credit and all shorts will receive a 10 festival submission festival run at no cost to you.

Script stipulations

The script must have a female Protagonist age 19-29
You are allowed to incorporate multiple scene locations, monsters, props, anything you want as long as the script is good. (leave the budget figuring to us, just write freely even though the smaller the budget the better but we don’t want to miss out on any interesting scripts because of any budget fear on the writer’s behalf!)
You must be open to small script suggestions from our director.
You will be permitted onset if you’d like!
Casting will be done by blaqq production staff.
The script must be under 15 pages preferably 8-11 pages.
SOME type of action or event MUST happen in the first 3 pages, we are a millennial based company thus the audience we would like to interest are millennials. (They… We like instant visual gratification)
You must download our pre-signed NDA and submit it with your script.
You are more than welcome to submit multiple scripts

Submission Deadline

We will be accepting submission for 3 weeks. From   October 15th, to November 5th  
We will begin casting and planning almost immediately and plan to start shooting at the end of November.

Shooting Gear (for those who would like to know)
We plan to shoot high quality, with GOOD actors. We aim to be the best so we will try our best to make tv quality work and do your scripts justice!

(Afterwards well start feature-length planning and will accept submissions for those in January! Stay tuned!)

Winners! If our amazing collaboration garners any type of attention or interest to turn the winning short into a feature. You WILL be given the chance to write the feature and receive a percentage of any type of compensation offered. We have a contract ready for all chosen screenwriters that will protect your best interest and ours as a transparent company.

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