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Blaqq FAQs

Most asked questions

Can I hire Blaqq Productions to shoot my film?

We are flattered that you’d like us to shoot your film. We currently don’t offer any services to the public. But! you can submit your idea to us and we will look if over for possible collaborations. As of now Blaqq productions only produces films we are artisticly invested in.

Where can I watch some of your films I only see trailers?

One day in theaters but for now feel free to join our mailing list for tickets to local showings. We participate in quite a few festivals so our more current work isn’t available. After a festival run you can purchase any of our films unless posted for free on our youtube page. We will post notices on social media.

I am an Actor/Actress and would like to audition

We work closely with a wonderful casting agent that will be sent your information. Just click on our menu tab. Creatives Apply and fill out the form. Make sure to checkmark your talent. Actor/Actress and you will have a chance at auditioning. We thank you for your interest and we wouldn’t be able create with out other creatives such as yourself.

how can I contact a certain actor/actress?
Im not an actor but another type of creative in the film industry can I work with you?
where can I purchase the music, outfit, handbag, etc. heard/seen in a certain movie/trailer?
Do you shoot Non Union/Union
Im still in school but id like to gain experience can I work with you?

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