Blaqq productions soft launched in 2017 and officially launched in 2019. Owned by Creator Jaheyla Jones Blaqq Productions has one mission and that’s to make art. Visual art and storytelling is key, taking viewers to new worlds, and obliterating the status quo. We believe that by pushing boundaries and promoting self expression with no judgement we can help visually usher in a new way of creating. We aim to be apart of the decentralization of film industry, reaching the corners of the earth and touching minds. Changing lives with a story and a picture. Can you believe in the unbelievable? There’s no such thing at Blaqq Productions no limits. Let us embrace our imperfections express ourselves and create to relate. We aim to create visual art that even the oddest of odd can relate to. Being a young company we have much to learn, but also much to gain and nothing to loose.

“ I am Because God is”
– Jaheyla Jones

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