Jaheyla Jones on Acting in California

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California is the place to be. Beaches, mountains, and of course Hollywood, can all be found here. For many, this is the place to become famous, to be a star. Los Angeles has been synonymous with Hollywood for years and that hasn’t changed in the last few decades. So what is it like to be an actor in Hollywood trying to break into the business? Jaheyla Jones, actress and producer shares what her experiences have been in the golden state.  

Although Hollywood has changed a lot since its inception, LA remains the mecca for the movie business. Although most movies now aren’t made in California, Hollywood remains the hometown for this industry. As the movie industry makes it’s slow move to other states and even countries, it’s made it even harder for those creatives that are pursuing their dreams in the city of angels. 

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However despite the apparent move to other places, there is a blooming and growing industry of indie production companies. The main reason a lot of productions are being filmed outside California has to do with the cost of filming. California is notoriously expensive. However, these growing indie production companies work so intensely with their budget that they have been able to create great things here in the movie capital. 

“Indie production companies are able to film in California because even though it’s expensive we are all making it work” Jones, CEO of Blaqq Productions, explains. “I think there’s something to be said that it is expensive to shoot here but it would be even harder to go produce films elsewhere for us”

The reality for smaller and newer production companies is that California remains the best place to film, create, and find other like minded people. Indie companies often use what they have artfully and purposefully. They prove that Hollywood is what you make of it. Blaqq productions is working on several new projects and are excited to continue their work within California, as are many other companies. These smaller indie companies are holding down the fort right now in California. They are innovating what it means to make film and putting their priorities at the forefront of their creativity. 

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“Indie production companies are changing what it’s like to make movies and it’s so wonderful to see it happen here in the hometown of film” Jones adds. 

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