Blaqq Production Company Hosts a Screenwriting Competition and Uncovers Unique Talent

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The world is getting used to working during a global pandemic. Hollywood is beginning to turn it’s wheels, friends are starting to see each other, and creativity now seems to be bubbling underneath the surface. However, it can still be hard to find opportunities, especially when things are only starting to unfreeze. 

Enter Blaqq Productions. This production company was started by Jaheyla Jones, an actor and writer herself. Being a black woman in Hollywood came with its own challenges and pains. It wasn’t until she realized that there was something she could do as a businesswoman, that she started her own production company. At Blaqq Studios, she could celebrate bright new voices, marginalized narratives, and support her fellow creatives. 

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Recently, Blaqq Productions decided to host a screenwriting competition. Jones decided to have screenwriters submit short films and she would produce three of those at no cost. It was a way for her company to move back into the groove and a way to reach out to the writing community. 

“It’s been truly an honor to read the submission and being able to produce a film that might now have had a shot before” Jone’s explained. 

Blaqq continues to stay true to their mission statement and this competition is no exception. They have extended their contest past their hometown of LA to Texas, New York, and Georgia. In an attempt to bring in talent from across the US, Jone’s wanted to be sure to give writers opportunities, especially during these tough times. 

“Creative’s tend to be undervalues on a normal day, I wanted to create a space where they didn’t feel that. And now that a pandemic is going on, I wanted to create another opportunity where they got to be valued and see their words come to life” Jones mentioned. 

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This contest has been live for the last week or so and it has already surprised Jaheyla and her team. It’s been amazing to see the talent being uncovered and to hear about some of the stories that will be told. The contest will be running for one more week and Jones is excited to be reading through more submissions.

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