Blaqq Productions Wins Their First Award for their First Project

Blaqq Productions, founded by writer and actress Jaheyla Jones in 2019, has officially won their first award at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. This festival has been operating for 12 years, celebrating films and shorts from across the US. This was also one of the first festivals Blaqq Productions was ever invited to as well as the first production this company has ever produced. 

The founder and head creative, Jaheyla Jones, had been working on the now, award winning short, The Millenial Sketch Show,  for a while. The first segment created is actually a teaser and short inside look at what the rest of the show will look like. This production featured many talented actors, make-up artists, and the like. 

“It was amazing to see so many creatives make this one sketch come to life! I can’t wait to film the next few sketches.” Jones’ explains. 

Photo by Hunter Moranville on Unsplash

Blaqq Productions is now being put on the map for other creatives. It is growing into a space of community, creativity, and talent. Currently, Blaqq Productions is also invited to the Black Women in Comedy Film Festival in Los Angeles as well.

While production for the rest of the Millennial Sketch show is halted, Jones’ is putting together a team and film days within CDC recommended guidelines. With the small sketch put together by Jones’ doing well, there is great hope and buzz surrounding the completion of this project. 

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