New Kid On The Block Secures Spot at Black Women In Comedy Festival

New to the behind the scenes work in the film industry, Jaheyla Jones has directed, written, produced and starred in Millenial Sketch Show,. As a young black woman and actor, Jones, struggled to get roles and auditions. She spent much of her time trying to fit into the film world as just an actress, never truly feeling seen or even fulfilled. 

A year ago, Jones decided to stop waiting for the moment she would be welcomed into Hollywood and decided to create her own opportunities. She founded Blaqq Productions, a company that centers communities of colors and a variety of voices. It was here that she started writing, directing, and truly enjoying the world of film.

Eventually, Jones felt like she was ready to create and direct her first comedy sketch. Using all her free time to perfect the script, she was able to come up with something truly remarkable. When it came to filming, Jones loved the process and seeing her own work come to life. 

“I had no idea what I was doing, I was just going with my gut and learning on the job” Jones explains her process for the Millenial Sketch Show, “I’m so happy with how it came out!”

Eventually her work caught the eye of curators for the Black Women in Comedy Festival. This is it’s second year and has supported many up and coming actors, directors, and writers.

“I am so humbled and happy to have been invited to this festival. This is my first time doing anything like this and it’s been such a validating experience” Jones explains. 

This festival will feature many debut’s including Jones’. In order to keep everyone safe and abide by CDC guidelines, the festival will feature a drive in screening. Jones is excited to be a part of this community as a new director and filmmaker. She is currently working on other creative projects and jobs and hopes sto share this same success again. 

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