How Creative, Jaheyla Jones, Centers Community in Her Businesses

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Jaheyla Jones is a creative, ambitious person, so when she was hit with the novel Coronavirus, her world was shifted. Before the pandemic hit she was working on films for her production company, blaqq, an up and coming  creative firm. Her company was  dedicated to pushing storytelling to new heights and creating space for new voices and narratives. Jones was in the middle of creating new films and stories when she fell ill. 

Suddenly she couldn’t act, direct, or even write. Her creative world was put to a halt. It took time for her to heal and to have the energy to come back to her creative endeavors. However, she didn’t feel right just jumping back into work, knowing that others were without proper PPE and were going to get sick. Tired of seeing price gouging and all the companies exploiting the new need for face masks, she worked to make sure that her products were affordable and accessible. She used her new found free time to make a positive impact. Thus, Puhff Mask and Accessories was born. 

This company centers accessibility and affordability. It works with various other associations in different parts of the US. Having built up this company she is moving back into her creative sphere. Inspired by other artists in her community, she hopes to provide a platform, space, and access to them. Juggling both Puhff and Blaqq, Jones is determined to not only give back to the community, but to take care of them. Art, for Jones, has always been centered around community and healing. For her it was a simple choice to apply that to the current crisis surrounding face masks. 

Jones, as a creative and empathetic individual, is changing the way business functions and the way they take care of their communities. With Puhff growing fast, she is making the world safer, and with Blaqq, Jones is filling the world with meaningful narratives. Armed with this and prior business experience, she hopes to start a non-profit organization dedicated towards art in communities. An unstoppable force, Jones is sure to make that happen. 


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