new silent short film ” the bag”

When we think of silent of movies we think of black and white pictures and more often than not, Charlie Chaplin. Silent films were a revolution in film and changed the existing box office and film industry into something we can recognize today. Movies became a pastime for the working and middle class, movie theaters were being built everywhere. It was around a decade before synchronized sound came and even longer before color was introduced.

Silent films were made out of necessity, so why are they making an artistic comeback? Many filmmakers are attempting to experiment with movies and emotion. There is power in combining visuals and music when telling a story.

“We felt because you can shoot in colour, you can shoot in widescreen, you can shoot with sound, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.” Alex Barrett, the director of new film London Symphony, explained. 

Silent films, while seem like they should solely belong to the past have been growing silently in popularity. Jaheyla Jones, CEO and writer at Blaqq Productions,recently ventured into this world of silent film with, “The Bag”. This film is an attempt to show action and cinematography as a language of its own. It was a challenge for the actors and screenwriters, but it ended with a unique story about luck and hope.

In particular, this film follows a woman, down on her luck, and preyed upon by a man who is struggling too. The man, who remains unnamed, robs the woman of her “Bag”, the last bit of  evidence of a murder. It is a comedy filled with murder, intrigue, and more. 

“It’s been so interesting to see the modern takes on silent films and being able to film “The Bag” has been so rewarding. Learning how to craft scenes to tell a full story has been a challenge but I’ve grown so much” Jones explains.

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